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School Guidance Counselor

The goal of the School Guidance Counselor's Office is to assist scholars in gaining self-understanding as a basis for setting goals which are consistent with one's interest, abilities, and personal development. As a school guidance counselor, Mrs. Walker provides services to support our scholars' academic and social/emotional growth and development. 
The School Guidance Counselor's Role
        Provide individual and group counseling to meet the immediate needs of students
        Facilitate student development in the areas of academic, personal/social/emotional, and goal setting
        Student Attendance/Dropout Prevention
        Student Records
        Student Discipline
        Collaborate building and district level staff members regarding developmental concerns and needs of our         
        students, through Educational Planning and parent/teacher conferences.
        Assist administrators in restorative discipline practices
        Collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, and community organizations and agencies
        Organize and conduct parent conferences
        Refer scholars and parents to district resources and community agencies

The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.